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Our information technology expertise:

We take great pride in delivering excellent ground breaking solutions to pressing information management problems. The following gives an example of the way we work.

How we work:

Customers invite us to investigate a problem in their business that existing procedures and in-house software cannot address.

We talk to the customer, their staff, and determine how their business works. We determine how their proposed new system addresses their business needs. We decide what must be delivered by the system and possible additional benefits.

We discuss a software or hardware solution to the problem with the customer, and with their consent, begin work. 

At all stages of delivery we discuss the progress with the customer, and the implications of each decision we make. We deliver software prototypes for the customer to view and provide feedback. Once these are agreed as being satisfactory, we develop the full application, testing it throughout the development process. The customer then receives delivery, and after the customer is satisfied with the software, the project is closed.

What you can expect from computer hardware in the future?

Computers will at once vanish and become ubiquitous. Increasingly our lives will be transformed by them, and yet our direct exposure to clearly identifiable computer devices will diminish.

Our cars will be extensively computerised, but provide no user access to their underlying operating systems. Our televisions will contact us when something that might interest us becomes available, but we will not think of it as a computer or access any low level user interface, it will be after all just a television. And the television will talk to the car, which will talk to our phones and so on. The multi-purpose desktop computing devices that we now struggle with (they try really hard to do too much) will largely vanish for their complexity.

The next decade may be the second era of Artificial Intelligence (A.I), where its true potential can be realised.

Our world is flooded with data as a consequence of social media and the internet generally, and A.I. can allow us to attach meaning to it and thereby value. Facebook has already done so.

There is a suggestion that the 2016 election outcome was strongly influenced by targeting voters to vote for Trump with cleverly tailored Facebook advertisement. What does that say about demoncracy?